James Clapper Will Not Give Trump Credit, Says Killing Baghdadi Could Make ISIS Stronger

If you thought that killing the world’s most wanted terrorist would bring Americans together you were incorrect.

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence for former President Obama, sees the negative in the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

He appeared on the CNN show “State of The Union” with Jake Tapper on Sunday to talk about President Donald Trump’s victory but gave him no credit.

“Well I’m very interested for me the contribution of the intelligence community that led to this. It looks like this is kind of a reminiscent of the textbook relationship between intelligence and special operations that took down Osama bin Laden.

“And it is very reminiscent of that. And it is quite significant. A huge symbolic meeting for taking out Baghdadi, who has been a target for some time.

“I think what is going to be interesting is to the extent to which this negatively effects ISIS or does it galvanize ISIS, the remnants of ISIS, which still survives as a ideology and has franchises in other places besides Syria,” he said.

“ISIS is more than just Baghdadi, as important as he was. 14,000 to 18,000 fighters yet remaining and the franchise are branches in other places — notably, Afghanistan where of course we still have forces.

“ISIS did participate in losing leadership. So they decentralized and groomed people to assume the role,” he said.

“Now I don’t know that they have anybody would have the symbolic importance of Baghdadi, but I don’t think we can say at this point that we can stop worrying about ISIS,” he said.

It came after CNN cut off President Trump to talk to Clapper and other experts.

CNN Cuts Off Trump Press Conference On Baghdadi While MSNBC Covers It.In one of the most biased moves in the history of television news CNN cut away from the press conference of President Donald Trump on the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The astounding part is that MSNBC, the most liberal network in the news, stayed with the press conference as CNN cut it off.

“All right, as the press conference and announcement turns into lesser matters about who will be invited to the White House to thank them, let’s talk about the momentous announcement President Trump just made,” Jake Tapper said.

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